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The Mahabhaga OSC Range

Emission-less, Odour-less, Compozyme™ based solution that uses aerobic process of decomposition to create nutrient rich compost. Save 50% on Operations. Heater-less system with powerful gear drive. Built-to-last with SS 304 on all parts in touch with wet waste. Easy to operate by unskilled worker.

MODEL NO. Minimum Load for Processing Maximum Load Processed in 8 Hour Shift
SC 100 T 12 kgs 100 kgs
SC 200 T 15 kgs 200 kgs
SC 500 T 25 kgs 500 kgs
SC 1000 T 75 kgs 1000 kgs
SC 1500 T 125 kgs 1500 kgs
SC 2000 T 150 kgs 2000 kgs

Advantages in Installing Mahabhaga OSC

Help your city list in the Star Rating of Garbage-Free Cities

Keep environment and neighborhood clean and green

Prevent precious ground water contamination

Reduce odor, pollution, diseases and improve aesthetics, sanitation of your city

Reduce global warming by reducing green house gas emissions

Compliance with Government regulations and codes

Tax SOPs for setting up waste management machines at high rises & complexes

Promote organic farming and healthier produce of fruits and vegetables in the country. Moreover help prevent farmer suicides by empowering them with chemical free fertilizers



Why Choose Mahabhaga OSC Over Heater Based Machines?

PROCESS Aerobic decomposition process Anaerobic decomposition process
TECHNOLOGY Heater-less and ecofriendly. Odour eliminated within first cycle. Compost ready for use within 7 - 10 days in an automatic curing rack system. The shredded waste is heated up to 90 degrees and the compost is ready in 24 hrs. (As claimed by manufacturers)
ACCEPTABILITY Soil test certificate attached NGT has received affidavit against process of composting within 24 hrs.
ODOUR CONTROL Odour is controlled to negligible Odour is present during and post processing
QUALITY OF COMPOST Lab tested. NKP content is satisfactory in the compost Scientists claim it is hazardous for soil health
MACHINE SHELF LIFE Built-to-last. Robust Design. Easy to operate by unskilled worker Frequent breakdowns have been reported
OPERATION EXPENSE Save up to 50% in energy bills and maintenance High electricity consumption and high maintenance cost
CAPITAL INVESTMENT Competitively priced Expensive
OUTPUT REMOVAL FROM THE MACHINE Daily 6-8 days (For in-vessel machines)